Who we are

Welcome to the Harvard Club Rhein-Ruhr!

The Harvard Club Rhein-Ruhr was founded in 1968 by a group of American and German Alumni of Harvard University and for many years has been the only active Harvard Club in Germany. Its members mostly have studied at one of the Graduate Schools, in particular at the Business School, the Law School, the Kennedy School of Government and a growing number at the Medical School, or at the College; a few did research work or have lectured at Harvard. The majority lives in the greater Rhein-Ruhr area, the rest in other parts of Germany or abroad. The most prominent and founding member was former Federal Chancellor Professor Dr. Ludwig Erhard.

The objectives of the Club are to promote the welfare of Harvard University, particularly by attracting, advising and assisting suitable young people interested in studying at Harvard, and to further social and fraternal fellowship among Harvard men and women. The Club meets about every other month, mostly for dinner in Düsseldorf in order to discuss significant current issues of general interest with leading authorities in their respective fields, such as politicians, journalists, diplomats, businessmen, army officers, professors and other acknowledged experts with a background in humanities or culture.

Thus the Club and guests introduced by members in recent years for example dealt with the United States, Russia and China, the European Union, the European currency and German foreign policy, international security and worldwide corruption, the problem of Jewish-German normality, the 'Clash of Civilizations', Islam and Europe, the situation of the Christian Churches, educational problems and various authors like Goethe and Heine. The Club occasionally also visits outstanding cultural events and enjoys every year the Harvard Krokodiloes in concert as well as the get-together at one of the homes of the club members.

Harvard Club Rhein-Ruhr e.V.
c/o Peter Graf von Hochberg
Golzheimer Platz 9
40474 Düsseldorf